Thursday, July 14, 2005

NYU "Town Hall" Draws Standing Room Only Crowd

Thanks to all of you - GSOC members and supporters - who attended NYU's "town hall" meeting yesterday. Despite the meeting being held in mid-July when the campus is deserted, hundreds of GSOC members, faculty and NYU workers turned out to voice their strong support of our union.

A number of elected officials, including Councilmember Christine Quinn, State Senator Tom Duane, Assemblyman Scott Stringer, as well as representatives from the offices of Congressman Anthony Weiner and Civil Liberties lawyer Norman Siegel, were also present to encourage President John Sexton and the NYU administration to negotiate in good faith with our union. Initially, the administration prohibited any elected officials (as well as members of the press) from entering the packed, standing room only meeting, but in the face of overwhelming opposition from the crowd, President Sexton was forced to relent and allow them to speak.

Over 50 people, many of them senior faculty members, spoke in the meeting, voicing their support for GSOC and their outrage at the administration's refusal to bargain and undemocratic decision-making. Edward Ziter, a professor in the Drama department, introduced a resolution calling for the NYU administration to immediately begin bargaining in good faith with our union. The resolution was overwhelmingly approved. To see the full text as well as press coverage on the event, go to our website at We will also be posting photos and quotes from the meeting itself shortly.

NYU has said they will release their "final decision" on union recognition tomorrow, Friday July 15th. Yesterday's meeting may not change that decision, but it did show that anything NYU decides about our union will be far from final. As many of our members told NYU yesterday, "GSOC is here to stay," and we will do whatever it takes to win a second contract.

We will keep you updated about Friday's announcement and any other developments. Now, more than ever, activist involvement in our union is crucial. We need to reach as many of our members as possible in the coming weeks before the fall semester to discuss our strategy. If you can help out this summer, contact Bethany Runes in the GSOC office at (212)387-0220 or at


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