Friday, August 26, 2005

GSOC Rally - Wednesday August 31st

This Wednesday, August 31st will be the final day of the first GSOC contract. Throughout the university community, our contract has been widely acknowledged to have been tremendously beneficial to graduate students. It increased stipends by 40%, improved our health care and addressed important workplace issues such as workload and health and safety. It set a standard for graduate student working conditions at other private universities like Columbia, Yale and Penn. Despite this, the administration refuses to bargain a second contract with us and ignores the wishes of the overwhelming majority of us, who have asked them to negotiate in good faith with us over our wages and benefits.

On Wednesday, at noon, we will concretely demonstrate our commitment to winning a fair second contract by turning our for the rally at Bobst. We ask every GSOC member and supporter to be there. We will be joined by many allies, including faculty, undergraduates, NYU's staff union, graduate union members from Columbia, Yale, Rutgers and other campuses, and many elected officials and labor leaders.


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