Monday, August 08, 2005

NYU Says No to Union

All members of the NYU community received an email via NYU-Direct Friday evening from the University administration announcing their final decision not to negotiate with GSOC-UAW, Local 2110, for a second contract. This email confirms what many of us have suspected all along: that NYU is simply not interested in acting in good faith to negotiate a respectful working relationship with the teaching and graduate assistants who help make this university work. GSOC would like to respond in detail to some of the claims made in this latest announcement. We also want to explain why we are determined to fight for our union and why we will win.

NYU's recent announcement comes 3 weeks after the very powerful and successful Town Hall Meeting. The strong support shown by those who spoke overwhelmingly in favor of the union at the event clearly left the University silent three days later on July 15th, the date they had planned to announce their "final decision" about our union. Because of pressure at all levels - from GSOC members, students, faculty, NYU staff, politicians and labor leaders - NYU was forced, yet again, to alter their timeline.

This week, on August 2nd, NYU issued a contract offer to the union. The simple fact that NYU issued this proposal, after insisting they would not do so, indicates how powerful our organizing has been so far. However, the terms of the offer were completely unacceptable and amounted to little more than a public relations stunt. The content of the offer, and the high- handed way in which NYU presented it, shows NYU's continual disregard for its graduate assistants' wishes to work with the concrete protections of a union contract.


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