Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's War!

Thanks to nicky for the tip off on some Village Voice coverage, "The Nerds are Pissed: New York University opts for war with its best and brightest."

"Like their counterparts at Yale, Columbia, Brown, and other campuses, however, the graduate students have complained that they're often used as little more than an ever expandable pool of cheap labor, and therefore in need of union protection. Those demands have set off a series of clashes that have created the greatest campus disruptions since the anti-war and civil rights battles of the 1960s. NYU's current fracas threatens to be the worst so far." Read the rest of the article.


Blogger derelict daughter said...

This article is terrific: they picked up on the grievances, Blackboard, the union's centrality in the current level of our stipends...even the thinking behind the "nerds" moniker.
So how can we get this distributed even further?

11/15/2005 3:08 PM  
Blogger specter of marx said...

I like your thinking, derelict daughter! Suggestions, anyone?

11/15/2005 7:20 PM  

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