Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A New Old Memo from the Provost

Woops, looks like we missed one! Remind me again, does the deluge of memos come before or after the swarms of locusts?

Here's the edict handed down to administrators from the provost regarding sanctions to striking GAs. I hereby declare this memo to be the unofficial CliffsNotes version of Sexton's letter to GAs:

Monday, November 28, 2005


(Deans and directors: please forward this planning
memo to departmental chairs)

From: David McLaughlin, Provost

Re: Spring Semester Planning

Our undergraduates have a right to complete their fall semester's work and experience no disruption in their courses next semester. It is therefore important that departments and schools in their planning of class schedules not rely upon the
presence of graduate assistants who may choose not to meet their classes. Departments and schools should complete their planning for the spring semester, including assignments of teaching responsibilities for graduate students, by December 15, using the following planning parameters:

1. If a graduate assistant is meeting his or her responsibilities at the assigned time and place by Monday, December 5, or the first class period thereafter, and continues to meet all of the GA responsibilities for the remainder of the fall term, he or she may be considered eligible for teaching responsibilities in the spring semester.

2. If a graduate assistant is not meeting his or her responsibilities by Monday, December 5 or the first class period thereafter, the planning assumption must be that such a graduate assistant will not be eligible for teaching duties and other GA responsibilities in the spring semester. Alternative teaching plans must be formulated by the department.

3. All departments should note -- and they should advise those graduate assistants accepting assignments for the spring -- that absent exceptions for appropriate reasons granted by the Dean, the failure of any GA to meet his or her teaching responsibilities in the spring semester will result in the loss of stipend and eligibility for teaching assignments for two consecutive semesters.

The University recognizes that these planning parameters, as well as the academically driven initiatives already being developed in some schools and departments, may require additional resources. The University is prepared to work with schools to provide these resources where appropriate.


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