Sunday, November 06, 2005

One Undergrad's Anti-Union Perspective

What do coal miners and graduate assistants have in common? Apparently nothing, according to NYU undergraduate, Michael Devlin. Here is Michael's letter to the Washington Square News voicing his opinion on our GA union. Of greatest interest are the GAs' responses posted online at the bottom of the article. Be sure to check them out!

And while Michael claims, "our graduate students don’t face a replacement threat," we would argue that, in fact, we do! TAs continually compete with adjuncts for jobs that ensure our educational funding. Adjunct positions typically pay half of what TAs earn, with no medical benefits. Clearly, both TAs and adjuncts get a raw deal when we're forced to compete. Adjuncts at NYU have moved to unionize. This is a terrific step forward for labor on campus. But without recognition for GSOC, NYU will have moved two steps back.


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