Thursday, November 17, 2005

UAW Health Benefits Alert!

I signed up for strike benefits this afternoon, and yet somehow failed to take away this important little tidbit, which the union reminded us about in their daily e-mail this evening:
Please start saving receipts for any co-pays or deductibles you pay for health coverage. Under the UAW strike fund, while we are on strike, we are eligible for reimbursement for the difference between the co-payment amount required under our contract and the increased amount unilaterally imposed by NYU after our contract expired.

So, remember how our prescription co-pays jumped from $20 to $35 recently? UAW will rightfully refund your $15 as long as we're striking. Just be sure to save your receipt from the pharmacy!

And don't forget to register for your strike benefits tomorrow from 9:30am until 5pm at the GSOC Office (113 University Place, 5th floor). You're eligible as long as you're striking your labor and walking the picket line 15hrs/week.


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