Friday, November 11, 2005

Undergrads Working to Mobilize Parents


Howdy Folks,
In order to make this strike short and effective we need tons of parent support as well as undergrad support. With that in mind, here is a form letter for parents that can be sent to Sexton. His email is Please have your parents attach their name as well as any comments and send this in. The more parent pressure we can muster the better!
-Dave Hancock
ps- here is a link to gsoc's "parent" page with more info for parents. feel free to pass this along:

Dear President Sexton,
As a parent of an NYU student, I am very concerned about the graduate assistant strike. My child's education is of paramount importance to me, and I am worried about the disruption that the strike is causing. Our family's tuition dollars should be used to improve my child's education, not to bust a union. I urge you to bargain fairly with GSOC/UAW Local 2110.

A big shout out goes to Dave Hancock. GAs (especially those who've been your TA) appreciate your efforts on our behalf. And he walks the picket line, folks!


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