Saturday, November 12, 2005

Who's fighting for quality?

Don't tell me this union busting is about the Administration's concerns about quality of education. If the Administration cared about the quality of instruction GAs provide, it wouldn't have taken the union for us to finally get the training that makes us more effective in the classroom. It was GAs fighting to make quality of instruction better, not the Administration. If the Administration cared about quality of education, they wouldn't be fighting so hard at every turn to lower the pay of its instructors. (I seem to remember adjuncts being in a similar position last year.) That "interference with academic decision making" the Administration keeps harping on? That was GSOC fighting the Administration's attempts, which they have now been successful in, to be able to reclassify us as adjuncts and pay us half as much (with no health insurance). The Administration's priority isn't investing in the quality of instruction in its classrooms... And it should be. It's simple: Our teaching conditions are our undergrad's learning conditions. We need access to the institutional apparatus necessary to get those priorities on the Administration's agenda. The Administration hasn't been doing that on it's own... And it's not going to start now.


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