Monday, November 14, 2005

You be the Judge

In the most recent picket update from GSOC:
-- In addition to NYU faculty, undergrads and staff, members of PSC-CUNY have been marching with us daily.
-- During our ending rally in front of Bobst, students in the "quiet" study lounges above us banged on the windows in unison with our chants.
-- Last week, Amanda Plumb from UMass-Amherst and Dave Rowland from the University of Illinois volunteered in our office and marched with us on the picket line.
-- Last Wednesday, the grad union at the University of Florida rallied on their Gainsville campus in solidarity with the first day of our strike.

GSOC's response to Sexton's most recent open letter:
In June, the administration told union representatives that the only obstacle to bargaining were certain grievances filed over the reclassification of TAships to lower paid adjunct or hourly positions which NYU claimed interfered with academic decision-making. We offered to withdraw these grievances if NYU agreed to negotiate a second contract. Administrators initially agreed to consider this, but after a few days, despite insisting that these grievances were the only reason for not negotiating, rejected our offer and announced they would not bargain a new contract.

In mid-July, the administration conducted a town hall meeting on the subject of the union. Notwithstanding the time of year, hundreds of GSOC members and faculty attended, and spoke in favor of bargaining with our union. [Go to for an audio transcript of the meeting.]

In early August, the administration sent a letter to UAW Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Bunn proposing a sham contract with a "take it or leave it" economic offer that included the right to change our health benefits unilaterally, no union security and no mechanism for enforcing the contract, other than an appeal to the Provost. The letter gave us 48 hours to accept. We responded by asking for face-to-face negotiations to discuss all the issues. NYU rejected this and announced their final decision not to negotiate.

You can read NYU's "offer" at:

and our response at:

For a summary of the events, go to:

At no time has NYU engaged in meaningful, good faith negotiations with our union. We remain committed to negotiating a second contract, and are ready to do so at any time.

We encourage everyone to check out the above links and read the documents for yourself. You be the judge.


Blogger derelict daughter said...

I snapped a few pics of Dean Stimpson hiding behind a pillar outside Bobst. She did wave to us at first (a tactic from her feminist struggles in what is clearly a previous life?), but the chants of "Blackboard" seemed to be more than she cared to deal with...

11/15/2005 9:52 AM  
Anonymous Gen Paul said...

I've put a "Spin vs. Reality" breakdown up on the following page:

Courtesy of John Pat Leary.

11/15/2005 1:13 PM  

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