Friday, December 16, 2005

GEW Supports GSOC

We've learned via NYU Inc. that GEW, Germany's Union for Science and Education, stands in solidarity with GSOC. Here's their letter of support:

113 University Place
5th floor
New York, NY 10003
fax: (001) 212.228.0198

The GEW, Union for Science and Education, represents Germany’s faculty, graduate employees, school teachers, and other professionals in schools and universities nationwide. For many years, GEW has been sucessfully representing graduate employees in German universities.

The members of GEW regard you as their colleagues. GEW supports your right to form a union to bargain over your working conditions. You provide services in teaching and research and are to be considered as having the same rights as any other employees. Therefore, the right to bargain over your working conditions as a union must not be denied to you.

The GEW stands in solidarity with you and encourages you to keep fighting. We most strongly condemn the use of threats against you. Know that you have support from around the world and that the GEW is pulling for you from Germany.

We will write as soon as possible to John Sexton and to the NLRB expressing our views.

For the GEW NRW / Department Universities and Research

Sibylle Schwantag

Fachreferentin fuer Musik, Medienwissenschaft, Romanistik
Universitaetsbibliothek Siegen

57068 Siegen
Phone +49/271/740-4285
Fax +49/271/740-4278


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