Monday, January 23, 2006

Making the Union, Making our Work

Today, while Nerds were getting cold and damp on the picket line, we were interviewed by Kirsten Forket of the Whitney Independant Studies Program for some sort of arts project about the broader questions motivating us to get involved with the GSOC effort and how it connects to academic, intellectual, and political issues beyond Washington Square. By the way, if you want to stay connected to what's happening across the United States Labor Movement, you can get an RSS feed at

And if you've been thinking of writing a paper about labor movements since that's all you do with your time now, you could take a trip to sunny LA.

On an unrelated note...if you need to renew your cellphone service, you can get 5% off with Cingular for being a union member (and no, this isn't shameless corporate plugging for Cingular: they have a much better labor record than some other cell phone companies).


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