Saturday, January 21, 2006

Where Sexton Goes, GSOC Will Follow

From the GSOC office to Nerds' inbox to you (dated Fri., Jan. 20th):
This morning in upstate Poughkeepsie, NY, John Sexton spoke at a breakfast honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty from Vassar College, union members from AFSCME and 1199 and a UAW contingent leafleted the event. Most attendees were friendly and supportive and many said they would call Sexton after reading the flyer, which quoted King directly on justice for workers. King was assassinated in Memphis where he was scheduled to lead a march of sanitation workers on strike for recognition.

Last night in Bal Harbour, FL, Sexton attended an NYU alumni event at a private residence. Members of UNITE-HERE leafleted the event in support of our strike.

Meanwhile, at the Hilton in midtown, GSOC members leafleted the New York City Real Estate Board black-tie banquet, attended by NYU Board members Larry Silverstein, Leonard Boxer and William C. Rudin.
For more on Sexton's take on the teachings of MLK, and how he (puzzlingly) applies them to the strike at NYU, see this post [reference].


Anonymous Joel Schlemowitz said...

as we know....

"At some point, responding to our questions about reprisals [against striking students], Sexton said that he had recently taught "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," implicitly invoking this as an example of how one must be prepared to take the consequences of political action. Adam Green introduced himself, both as a recently tenured member of the faculty and as the son of Ernest S. Green, one of the group of nine students who integrated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. Adam asked Sexton to consider the ways he had implicitly aligned the administration with Bull Connor and the Birmingham authorities who jailed King."

No response from Sexton is noted.

But, are you ready for this?

"Reuther marched beside King many times, including the march in Birmingham, Ala., when King was arrested. It was Reuther who bailed King out."
-- Larry Gabriel "Brotherhood in a Cause King, Reuther took similar paths"
Solidarity Magazine, Jan-Feb 2003

That's Walter Reuther..... President of the United Auto Workers.

Read the full article at:

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