Sunday, February 05, 2006

10 Things You Can Do to Support GSOC

While in all strikes the withholding of labor power is the most important tool to force management to bargain with workers, there are always other ways to get involved. If you are not a striker (or even if you are), here are 10 things you can do to help.

1. Come to the picket line. We need lots of bodies there to show our strength and to help with specific strategic actions. We are currently picketing from 9 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday--come for an hour or a shift, or sign up to come regularly.

2. Volunteer to flier at special events, particularly in the evenings. If you have available times, you can email GSOC and let them know you are willing to help out.

3. Contact clergy (especially Catholic clergy) and elected officially (especially those from New York State). Urge them to call President Sexton at 212.998.2345 and tell him to stop busting the union.

4. Help move classes, meetings, and special events off-campus. You can volunteer your space (spaces near NYU are most desired)or get help finding a space if you are planning an event.

5. If you are a parent or an alumn, let NYU know that you will not donate money to NYU until they agree to bargain. You can send an email through GSOC's service, or you can contact the alumni giving representative for your school.

6. Donate money to the GSOC strike fund to help support striking workers who have had their pay cut and who will now be locked out or permanantly fired for their union activity. No donation is too big or too small.

7. If you know (or are) a high school guidance counselor, urge him or her to discourage students from applying to NYU. Let them know that students will not get a good education while TAs and instructors are on strike, and let them know that without a union, TAs and instructors are simply unable to provide the high quality of instruction that undergraduates deserve. Similarly, if you know high school students, discourage them directly. Ask high school freshman, sophamores, and juniors to send emails to Sexton and to the admissions office letting NYU know that they will not apply to attend college at a school that busts unions. And encourage current applicants (especially those who receive admissions offers) to let NYU know that they can not in good conscience attend a university which creates such unpleasant learning conditions.

8. If you know (or are) an undergraduate student considering coming to NYU for graduate school (particularly if you have already been accepted), or if you are considering coming to NYU for a faculty job, let NYU know that you can not in good faith come to an institution which direspects its own graduate students. Contact your department directly to send this message, as well as Sexton and, if you are a graduate applicant, the admissions office of your school.

9. Contact members of the Board of Trustees (Nerds will try to provide some contact information in coming days). Let them know that they are sacrificing NYU's sense of community and its reputation. Tell them to make Sexton negotiate with the union. And if you happen to know any of the trustees, let GSOC know. While you are at it, add your name to the online petition urging NYU to negotiate.

10. Contact local and national media outlets through letters to the editor or by calling the news desks directly to remind them that the strike is still on and that strikers are no longer being paid. Increasing the level of news coverage keeps our profile high. Similarly, if you are a member of another union, make sure that your local union newsletter covers our struggle and provides information about how to support us--with money and with bodies.


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