Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Don't Cross Our Picket Line!

Today, garbage collectors refused to cross our picket line to collect trash at Washington Square Village. NYU security and residential life staff paid the trash a visit and expressed amazement at the fact that it was there.

Also, representatives of many local politicians, including Mark Green (candidate for New York State Attorney General and NYU Honors Seminar Instructor) and Rosie Mendez (City Councilwoman for the East Village) refused to cross our picket line to attend an internship fair sponsored by the NYU College Democrats.

If you haven't contributed to the GSOC Strike Fund lately, here's a reminder to do so. Your contributions will help support the 7+ workers who have been fired and locked out for an entire 12 months by NYU. Two of these workers, MFA candidates in creative writing, are losing not only their salaries, but also their tuition remission and health insurance.


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