Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday News Updates

The New Standard features an article about NYU's strike-busting tactics, which would be illegal were it not for the Bush NLRB.

The Washington Square News covers Faculty Democracy's petition asking for the reinstatement of blacklisted strikers. It's worth reading the comments: Bhegossian tries to take the reporter to task for misquoting him, but ends up seeming his usual Sexton-spouting self.

The Scoop, a news website from Australia, posted news about our strike (you have to scroll down a bit to see it).

Nerds readers are also welcome to check our the Wikipedia entry on GSOC and help make sure it is complete and up-to-date.

On the covering other labor struggles front, Nerds have been told that the new Balducci's on 14th street and 8th ave might be hiring non-union workers. 96% of supermarket workers in New Jersey are unionized, and though Nerds can't find the numbers for NYC at the moment, we assume it to be comparable (we know workers at Met Foods and Stop & Shop are unionized). We were handed a flier in front of Balducci's encouraging us to call Balducci's at (212) 741-3700 to encourage them to uphold fair labor practice, or contact UFCW Local 1500 (1-800-522-0456 ext 250).


Blogger Eric Prindle said...

As the person who recently expanded the GSOC article on Wikipedia, I just want to encourage people not to go overboard with their edits to this and related articles. If the aticles become biased, they will draw the attention of anti-union people (and there are a lot of libertarians on Wikipedia) who will try to make them biased in the other direction. Then the whole thing will be an uninformative mess.

And on an unrelated note, thanks to all the nerds who came and "raised some awareness" at the law school this week :)

2/11/2006 1:55 PM  

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