Tuesday, February 21, 2006

GSOC Journal Updates

According to today's GSOC Journal, to date approximately 25 strikers have had their pay docked. All the more reason to contribute to the strike hardship fund. But despite the very real hardships that pay docking presents for those people who are now forced to subsit on strike benefits alone, we should not look at the imposition of pay docking as a loss. Rather, it shows that the pressure we are continuing to create is strong and that we are forcing the administration to respond. Eventually, the pressure will become too much for them to withstand.

Additionally, the American Association of University Professors has issued a new statement denouncing the NYU administration for their refusal to bargain a contract. The statement calls the docking of strikers' pay a form of retalliation that is in violation of the principles of academic freedom and proper governance.

Other examples of the power of our strike:
--Over 40 of the organizations scheduled to participate in the Public Interest Job Fair held annually at NYU's law school refused to cross the picket line and instead set up shop in the LGBT community center (and other organizations simply did not show up)
--Campus Compact has moved "Thriving through Tough Times," a conference on service learning, from NYU to Pace Manhattan in response to the strike.

Given all of the support other unions have shown to us, it's important to remember to support them in return. The union representing Macy's, RWDSU Local 1-S, has voted to authorize a strike by a margin of 98 to 2 if a contract is not agreed to by March 3rd. Macy's wants to significantly increase the cost of healthcare benefits, limit the possibility of wage increases, and force employees to push credit cards on customers to get higher pay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm, the term 'docking' lends a legitamcy to the penalties they don't deserve. docking, as i understand it, is when you lose pay for the work that you strike.

what the university is doing, primarily, is penalizing people for prospective striking in the future, an action that is illegal if the workers involved are protected by the NLRA. it's my view that it's a tactic on the university's part to intimidate strikers and an attempt to limit the ways in which they can make political statements about their working condition.

2/21/2006 9:39 PM  
Blogger specter of marx said...

Agreed. To be precise, sanctioned GAs are not having their pay docked. They have been effectively fired this semester, which amounts to a lockout by the administration. I also agree with Anon that this is a strategic move to deny us legal and political claim to our labor.

2/21/2006 10:05 PM  

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