Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Little Light Reading

Nerds picketed yesterday in the snow, where we were super cold.

It's Valentine's Day, so show a little love by donating some money to the strike hardship fund.

A little light reading on the history of graduate employee unionization at NYU (you may need to be connected through a library or academic institution to access these articles):

--if you are interested in the administration's use of language that charectarizes us as "not-workers," an article in The Radical History Review chronicles the history of this language back to the 1970s

--Stimpson, writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education in 2002 says that she understands one attraction to graduate student unionization--the fact that cross-disciplinary solidarity is built--and offers an alternative non-union model for building such solidarity: more interdisciplinary general education courses staffed by graduate student workers

--If you haven't read it yet, the text of the original NLRB decision clearly states that "there is no basis to deny collective-bargaining rights to statutory employees merely because they are employed by an educational institution in which they are enrolled as students." The language, while of course legalese, provides a great understanding of the fact that we are workers AND students.


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