Sunday, February 26, 2006

UN Report

Sexton spoke at the UN on Thursday, and GSOC members attended the event both as leafleters outside and as audience members inside. During the question and answer portion of the event, several people pointed out the fact that Sexton has displayed neither leadership nor good governance, as well as the fact that NYU is in violation of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. Article 23, section 4 provides for the right to form and join trade unions, and other articles provide for the right to decent pay, reasonable working hours, health care, and the freedom to "hold opinions without interference."

Sexton announced during the panel that he would stick around for the reception that followed to discuss issues relating to the strike, but continued to show the failure of his leadership and governance by not showing up. On the other hand, other attendees at the reception were receptive to GSOC and were dismayed at the way Sexton (and the NYU administration in general) have responded to our union and our strike.

Nerds were away at a conference over the weekend. We apologize for our lack of computer access during this time. However, we did have conversations with a number of GSOC supporters from other Northeastern academic institutions during the conference.

Nerds will be joining other GSOC members to support Macy's workers at 11:30 on February 27th. If you can be in midtown at lunch time tomorrow, come and join us in Herald Square.


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