Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekly News Roundup

The NYU, Inc. information page about GSOC has been featured by French site AlterInfos.

The New York Teacher, a New York United Federation of Teachers union publication, featured a story about our strike and the pay docking.

The Washington Square News reported about a forum held as part of the General Studies Program, where Professor Miriam Frank highlighted the history of labor relations in and arount NYU.

On Friday, GSOCers picketed the Daily News headquarters, since the Daily News is owned by Morty Zuckerman, an NYU trustee. Zuckerman, though, is not only a trustee--he has also been a consistant voice against unions, including those in his own newspaper and real-estate operations. Zuckerman also beleives strongly in privatizing city services--an anti-union message if there ever was one. Other news media showed up to oogle at the spectacle (since we all know the biggest story in the news is the news itself).

In other news, many of the strikers who had previously been locked out have had their suspensions reduced to one semester--a great show of GSOC strength since the reductions come in light of a collective response to the letters on the part of sanctioned strikers. In addition, 280 faculty signed a letter protesting the sanctions. But just as this news was announced, many other strikers (a specific figure is not yet available) have also been notified that their pay will be docked going forward.


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