Monday, February 13, 2006

WSN Op/Eds from NYU Grad Students

Sanctioned GSOC striker Matt Osypowski has a terrific Op/Ed in today's Washington Square News. He sheds some personal light on the strike, and attempts to disabuse readers of a number of commonly held misconceptions about who GSOCers are, what we're fighting for, and why.

He also manages to get in a few nice digs to Alessandro Miglio, a frequent (now there's an understatement!) anti-union commentator on the WSN website. For those of you interested in reading Mr. Miglio's witless sexist drivel, um...I mean, published opinion on GSOC, click here.

(For the record, I would give my left arm for Dean Stimpson's feminist reading of Miglio's unenlightened metaphors. Strange bedfellows, indeed.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alessandro Miglio's article was nothing short of brilliant. "Unenlightened?" Try ironic and funny. The GSOC stops at nothing to demoralize and demean individuals against the strike. Mr. Miglio's article made light of a situation that really is ridiculous.

4/05/2006 2:46 PM  

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