Saturday, March 04, 2006

Albany Lobbying Update

About 70 GSOC members went to Albany on Tuesday to meet with about 130 state congresspeople and let them know about NYU's union-busting ways. It happened to be on the same day that NYU lobbies for state money (yes, it is a private university, but the state gives it tons of dough anyway). GSOC members asked the congresspeople to deny this funding to NYU unless NYU negotiates with the union, and GSOC got a lot of support from congresspeople.

Incidently, NYU had scheduled a reception for congresspeople Tuesday evening. GSOC asked congresspeople to show their support by refusing to attend the reception. Consequentially, NYU disinvited the congresspeople so as to avoid embarassing themselves. The reception did still go on for area alumns, but many turned away when they saw the GSOC picket line.

If you have a mailing address in New York State (and most particularly if you live outside the five boroughs), you can support GSOC's lobbying efforts by sending a letter to your state senator and representative asking them to withold state funding for NYU until NYU comes to the bargaining table with GSOC/UAW Local 2110. You can search for your state senator and representative by zip code.

Another higher education unionization effort to keep an eye on: janitors at the University of Miami.


Blogger specter of marx said...

Just to clarify, GSOC is lobbying against NYU's receipt of state aid such as unrestricted funds and development monies. This is aid that goes to NYU as an institution. GSOC is *not* lobbying against TAP or other types of aid that go directly toward subsidizing students' educations. In fact, GSOC strongly supports programs like TAP & HEOP, as they make NYU affordable for a larger segment of undergraduates (similar to how a union contract that insures decent pay and health benefits makes NYU more affordable for a larger segment of graduate students).

3/04/2006 9:53 PM  

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