Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back from Spring Break

NYU's spring break was last week, meaning that the picket line was empty like the campus was. But GSOC found ways to keep the pressure on even when no one was around. GSOCers leafletted trustee Martin Liptin's office and confronted the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. GSOC also visited an alumni event at the Baltusrol Golf Course in Springfield, NJ, where passersby offered their support. Alumni took fliers to pass around inside the event. GSOC members have also returned to Albany as part of a UAW group meeting with state Assembly Members and and Senators.

On Monday, when the picket line started back up with lots of drums and chanting, lots of people stopped by to offer their support and take a button or a sticker. We also talked to members of many tour groups of prospective students. Apparently and unsuprisingly, tour or information session leaders are telling parents and prospective students to ignore the noisy people they encounter on the tour (Nerds can not imagine being a prospective student and not wanting to know what the picket line was about). But strikers were able to get the attention of parents and students when they were told that classes have not met because of the strike, and many took our fliers after hearing this.


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