Monday, March 27, 2006

News Updates

The Washington Square News notes GSOC's presence at the Triangle Shirtwaist memorial/rally on Friday. This article contains an interesting comment from Josh Taylor, the current anti-GSOC go-to for NYU and the VP for web communications, suggesting that GSOC didn't understand the purpose of the event as memorial rather than political while other speakers did. Since he is also quoted in the article as saying that NYU officials do not attend the rally (which seems unfortionate, given NYU's ownership of the factory building and the memorial purpose of the event), Nerds think it pretty sad that he spoke without recognizing that all the other labor union activists at the event viewed it as a time to advocate for continued improvment in union organizing rights and working conditions in NYC and the US. The story was picked up by Laborstart.

Indymedia, on the other hand, picked up Nerds' own coverage of the memorial/rally. And Political Cortex, a democratic blogging community, related the history of the fire and its connection to GSOC's struggle and strike. The Political Cortex story, including the references to GSOC, was picked up by Daily Kos and Daily Gotham.


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