Friday, March 17, 2006

Press Updates

The Washington Square News has an article on fired/blacklisted
GAs' attempts to navigate NYU's unclear grievance procedure. The article
quotes Joanna Holzman as she explains that NYU's grievance procedures are not substitute for a union contract. The story was picked up by TMCnet, a publishing outfit focused on technology.

The Washington Square News also carried a letter from Joanna Holzman about the lobbying trip to Albany, which makes clear that GSOC requests to deny state funds to NYU will not imperil undergraduate financial aid.

An article in the Downtown Express covering a town hall meeting in NoHo with elected officials highlighted some NYU-related issues. In response to a call from local historic preservationists for NYU to be asked to focus development energies away from the Village area, Scott Stringer (Manhattan Borough President) agreed to hold a meeting on the subject and said the meeting would also focus on NYU's response to GSOC and our strike. Bob Cohen (a Community Relations Consultant for NYU) tried to pretend that NYU has good relations with many employee unions and trotted out the same rhetoric about "whether [we] are workers or students."

A bit out of date, but Nerds' readers may be interested in viewing video of the picket line.

Finally, Nerds would like to celebrate a milestone: we have broken onto
the first page of Google listings. Thank you to our loyal readers (and especially our loyal linkers) for helping us get there.


Anonymous Joel Schlemowitz said...

March 31st, you've come up #1 on google for "nyu strike"

In Solidarity,
Joel Schlemowitz

3/31/2006 7:04 PM  

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