Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sexton at Yesterday's Town Hall

The Working Families Party weblog contains a post about the strike.

Today's Washington Square News has coverage of last night's town hall meeting with Sexton. Among the highlights:

  • Because sexton beleives he knows the name of 8 or 10 frequent picketers, he claims that means that the bulk of current, future, and former graduate employees are not still in support of GSOC.
  • Sexton claimed offense because members of GUS suggested he was a liar and immoral in his GSOC-related dealings
  • Sexton told students who want a union that they shouldn't come to NYU, instead choosing to attend state universities
  • Sexton suggested that one reason that we should not be unionized is because law school teaching and research assistants were not part of the union vote, despite the fact that the employment conditions for these workers are rather different from those for GSOC members. For instance, law school teaching assistants result in academic credit rather than pay. Research assistants are paid, and while conditions vary, they are generally paid about $10 an hour and work for 5-15 hours a week in jobs that they choose to apply to. (He also pointed out that some science GAs were not included in the original union vote, though that was by virtue of the original NLRB decision supporting GSOC.)

Stay tuned for an Albany update in coming days!


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