Sunday, March 12, 2006

Support from Union Leaders

John Wilhelm, co-president of Unite Here!, told GSOC members that our fight is a winnable fight. Wilhelm works with unions on the Yale campus, where they have experienced 11 strikes over the past four decades. He said that in his experience, you don't know when you will win until you do, but that we can do it.

The president of the Communications Workers of America, Larry Cohen, said in a speech that our strike is inspiring to watch, particularly the way we have been able to persist and stay strong in the face of unprecidented threats to our ability to work in our company and our industry.

UAW Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Bunn said that workers like us are important to the future of the labor movement, and noted that we have a lot to teach the labor movement as a whole, particularly about the issues facing non-citizen workers in the United States.

And GSOC members say to NYU: we are not going away, and the level of disruption can only grow from here.


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