Saturday, April 29, 2006

March for Peace and Justice

GSOC members joined other members of UAW Local 2110 and members of the NYU/New School Adjuncts' Union today in the March for Peace and Justice, a two-mile march down Broadway. Before the march got under way, there was a labor rally (perportedly the largest anti-war labor rally ever). Along with Roger Toussaint of the TWU and representatives from the SEIU, PSC-CUNY, and other local unions, a GSOC member spoke to the crowd about the fact that the War in Iraq and the War on Workers' Rights are both part Bush administration policy.

Nerds also want to announce that PSC-CUNY has reached a contract agreement with NYC, NY State, and the CUNY administration (pending ratification by members). This settlement, which includes important victories on key bargaining points desired by PSC-CUNY, came after working without a contract for over three years. PSC-CUNY members worked hard to keep political pressure high and held rallied right up until last week (though the Taylor Laws prevent them as public sector employees from striking). But if they could win their contract fight after over three years of effort, that gives me even more hope for us.


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