Friday, April 28, 2006

The News Media on Thursday's Rally

This is just what rolled in with today's press.

NYC Indiemedia, which syndicated their story from Nerds

The Columbia Spectator, the student newspaper from Columbia University

The Washington Square News article is particularly interesting, as despite the administration's continued claim that only a "tiny" percentage of GAs are still striking and that the strike is "no longer disruptive," undergraduates keep telling the WSN that the strike is disrupting their educations. They ought to remind the administration that NYU's core business is not making money but rather educating undergraduates, because then perhaps the administration would notice the disruption in the way that students and library patrons do.

Gothamist includes a great photo of strikers being lead off by the police, as well as links to other photos, with its brief article

The Chronicle of Higher Education (in a subscription-required article) and both carried articles focusing on the AAUP involvement.'s article features a discussion of potential AAUP plans to launch an academic boycott of NYU.

A report of the petition majority (which doesn't mention the rally) appears in People's Weekly World. Slightly less timely, but still worth noting, is an article in Lilith magazine.

Finally, and most excitingly, The New York Times placed a huge photo of the sit-in in today's Metro Section, along with an article about our struggle, yesterday's rally, and the success of the petition drive.


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