Tuesday, April 25, 2006


"Sextonism:" a disease in which the administration of a higher education institution engages in rediculous hyperbole in describing its accomplishments--something Sexton does every time he pretends that graduate assistants are "just students" rather than workers who provide an integral portion of the juice that makes NYU a desirable school for undergraduates as well as the research powerhouse it pretends to be.

Without us, professors would have much less time to apply for quadrillion-dollar grants and perform speaking engagements around the world--because it is graduate assistants who run the statistical calculations, perform the experiments, conduct the interviews, collect the prior literature, and write the textbook chapters. Without us, the undergraduate students would not be leaving NYU as broadly educated and well-prepared graduates--because it is us who teach 84.5% of classroom hours in general education courses, instruct the undergraduates how to put together proper sentances in foreign languages, fill in for full-time faculty by teaching their courses when they are away doing something "more important" for a week or a semester, help puzzled students work through material they don't understand, and grade long papers and essay exams so faculty do not feel compelled to grade only using multiple choice.

Graduate assistants provde the heart of what makes NYU great. Ignoring our work is an act of hyperbole about the accomplishments and skills of other employees at NYU, namely faculty.


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