Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And Another Week Begins...

...with "A Day Without an Immigrant," a nationwide day of boycotts and rallies for immigrant rights. GSOCers were in Union Square for a rally where many speakers focused on the links between rights for immigrants and rights for workers. The NYPD does not estimate crowd size, but some beleive that more than one million people took part in demonstrations in NYC yesterday.

The current issue of Academe magazine features an article about the sanctions against GSOC strikers. And the World Socialist Web Site includes a story about the April 27th rally in its rundown of Workers' Struggles in the Americas.

Finally, the University of Miami has agreed to force UNICCO, the subcontractor which supplies the campus with janitors, to allow a card-check verification process to determine if workers want union representation through the SEIU. This comes after hunger strikes involving students and janitors as well as a international publicity and petitions directed at university president Donna Shalala.


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