Sunday, May 14, 2006

GSOCers at Alumni Weekend

This weekend, GSOC members handed out fliers to alumni visiting NYU for their class reunions. We got a lot of support from alums who were disgusted by NYU's union-busting tactics--many of whom had not previously been aware of the strike. GSOC asked alumni to write to Sexton telling him that they would withhold their annual alumni donations until such time as the NYU administration agrees to bargain a second contract. We also asked alumni to send their donations to the GSOC Strike Fund, and Nerds figure this is as good a time as any to post our monthly solicitation message. So if you have some spare cash, donate to the strike fund. Even though the semester is over, there are GSOC members who have been locked out of jobs for this summer and for next fall and who still need all the help they can get to pay their bills.

In the random news relating to NYU category, there are two interesting articles in this weekend's press roundup.

First, the Daily News reports that Bloomberg's daughter Georgina, who is a top-ranked show-jumper with plans to compete in the 2008 Olympics, enrolls in one semester's worth of courses per year at NYU in an "individualized study program." Now, this is nothing against Georgina, who is after all training horses 12 hours a day and has good reason to need a non-traditional program of study, but it is interesting that in NYU's quest to compete with the Ivy Leagues, it still offers course equivilancy for non-academic experiences and other accomodations for the children of the rich and famous which are generally more common in less selective institutions.

Second, writer Michael Agovino writes in today's New York Times, writes about the changes in NYU since he was an undergraduate there, 15 years ago. To Agovino, as to so many of us, NYU is no longer a "'New York' University," but rather "an enclave of downtown elitism." The article is worth a read.


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