Monday, May 15, 2006

News Coverage of "Alternative Commencement"

Workers World's "On the Picket Line" section updates readers about the re-certification of majority, as well as the April 27th and May 11th rallies.

The Washington Square News highlighted the great speakers at last Thursday's rally, and interestingly all John Union-Buster Beckman could muster is that he thinks the rally was "out of step with the joyous rhythms of commencement day." Hmmm, I though we had a lot of rhythm (particularly when The Ride was playing) and that the rally was pretty joyus...I guess Beckman was not there and therefore has no idea what he is talking about.

Incidently, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the average salary for Cheif Legal Officers at Doctoral/Research Extensive universities like NYU is $170,000. Nerds will have to see if we can find out how much higher the CLO at NYU's salary is.


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