Monday, May 08, 2006

We're Here, We're There, We're Everywhere

Today, GSOCers lefleated a board of trustees meeting held at Trustee Martin Lipton's law firm. We also congratulated GSOC members and others graduating from NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at today's GSAS Convocation at Lincoln Center, as well as provided information about the successful petition campaign to convocation guests. Graduating GSOC members wore GSOC buttons during the ceremony.

Also today, a documentary about the GSOC strike titled "I'm On Strike Because," created by Steve Fletcher, premiered at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema.

This Thursday, after NYU's All-University Commencement, GSOCers will again congratulate GSOC members and undergraduate supporters who are graduating with a great program of speakers. If you are going to be at Commencement or anywhere nearby, come find us on Thompson Street at 11:30, right after Commencement gets out. Think of it as an alternative Commencement, one that's on a bit more human of a scale than the chaos in Washington Square Park.


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