Monday, July 24, 2006

More Trouble for Academic Unions at Private Universities reports that the administration at Quinnipiac University, a private university in Connecticut with a history of three decades of faculty unionization, has moved to decertify its faculty union. Private universities have been legally allowed not to recognize faculty unions since 1980, when Yeshiva University faculty attempted to unionize, and many private universities moved to immediately decertify faculty unions in the wake of that ruling. But even after waiting three decades, during which relations between faculty and administration were "generally collegial," the administration is now using the same language we are familiar with about how unions "create an 'adversarial structure and culture.'" The rest of the article discusses the efforts by the AFT to get Quinnipiac to back down.

Read the article and you'll get a bonus mention of GSOC--since we are, of course, the exemplar of this strategy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Summer issue of The Clarion, the award-winning newspaper of PSC-CUNY, carries a photo taken just before the arrests in April.