Thursday, November 30, 2006

World Labor Updates

The New York Times reports that students and campus workers at Vanderbilt are demanding a living wage for the housekeepers, maintenance workers, and food services staff. While workers live in poverty and some become homeless, the university spend $6 million renovating the Chancellor's house.

At Purdue University, students have entered a hunger strike to protest the University's purchases of licensed products manufactured using sweatshop labor.

An appeals court has ruled that George Washington University adjuncts can unionize with SEIU. Both the court and the NLRB found that GWU had no valid claims against bargaining with the union.

And in Israel, a general strike has closed most of the public sector to protest unpaid wages and unfunded pensions.

Meanwhile, on campus, Sexton received a cut in his salary this year of 11%, dropping to the 10th highest paid university president. The Washington Square News makes the connection between this pay cut and Sexton's lies to GSOC.


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